A 21st Century School of the Prophets

What is the greatest need of any nation?

Even before natural resources, wealth, or location is a good citizenry. The need in our nation is for its people to live honest, upright lives as faithful stewards of their saving God. A nation of such people will be great.

Faith College of the Bible (FCB) is a place where East Africans are being trained to change society, one person at a time. But godly leadership is not easily developed. Faith College has been designed to prepare godly leaders who may be used of God as His unique spokesmen.

Faith-College-LogoOur four-year training program includes:

  • strong emphasis in biblical exegesis
  • original biblical languages
  • church history
  • communication
  • counseling

With the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ, our students are prepared to enter into society and take the claims of the Gospel to their needy people.

Only a regenerated people, instructed in the whole counsel of God’s Word, can effectively take a leading part in the building of a great future Africa.